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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Buying Plants and Flowers for Hari Raya Season at Lot 16 & 17 Selangor Green Lane - SMM Landscape Sdn Bhd

Now that Hari Raya Aidil Fitri is fast approaching, I'm sure that many muslims friends are busy with festive preparations. I was wondering what nurseries have in store for this season, hence I went plant and flowers hunting at Selangor Green Lane.

Semaian Ming Ming (SMM) Landscape Sdn Bhd is located at Lot 16 & 17 Jalan Subang-Sg Buloh, Selangor Green Lane, 47000 Sg Buloh. You can say that this is the starting point of "Selangor Green Lane" along Jalan Subang-Sg Buloh.

You can drive into this inner lane, park your car in front of the nursery and drive out straight (I mean no need to take a U-turn). The shop assistants here will help you pack, carry your purchases and load them into your car. They are good at arranging the items for best use of car boot space so you'll drive out peacefully with your "bounty" all the way home without worrying over withered plants, damaged pottery sets or dirtied floorings.

Like many of the nurseries located in Selangor Green Lane, they are into retail and wholesale, landscape, hardscape, softscape, garden maintenance and plant rental, hence you can find lots of varieties of plants, trees, shrubs, grasses (real and synthetic) and garden accessories here.

There is a good collection of bonsai, ornamental trees and shrubs.

Tall palm trees for your landscaped garden.

Lotus, water lilies and other aquatic,
semi-aquatic plants to decorate our koi ponds, rock and water gardens.

If you are looking for a particular plant, it is advisable to inform the shop assistants there, otherwise how do you search the whole vast area?

Yucca and other foliage plants.

This plant is labelled as "Pegaga". It looks more like the ornamental pegaga. The leaves of the Pegaga aka "Miracle Hero of the Rainforest" (Centella asiatica) I see the hawkers used to blend into a health drink looks similar but slightly different from this.

A wide selection of bougainvillea plants: bonsai, variegated, small/large leaved, grafted plants with multi-colour flowers. I am so happy to find the Bougainvillea 'Apple Blossom' and 'Ice-Cream' here.


Ceramic containers and pottery sets.

Marble, granite, metal, wicker, timber and wood garden furniture.


Beautiful stone table and chair sets.

Water features and fountain sets.
The plants in front are Chinese Evergreens (Aglaonema), Adeniums, Anthuriums
and the Caladiums look like those varieties I photographed at Floria 2012.

This is the doorway into the ceramic/glass/wood/pottery,
garden ornaments and accessories section.
You can also buy gravel, stone and pebbles here.

Outdoor garden furniture for afternoon tea-breaks and 'Al-fresco' dining.

Promotion area for bargain hunters.
Glazed ceramic containers in contemporary designs.

To my muslim friends,

Semaian Ming Ming (SMM) Landscape Sdn Bhd
Lot 16 & 17 Jalan Subang-Sg Buloh, Selangor Green Lane, 47000 Sg Buloh, Selangor
Tel: +6019-339 0485, +6012-339 0485, +6016-210 4304
Fax: +603-6277 1077

They are open from 8am - 7pm.
For further information, you can visit their
(1) Facebook page
(2) blog


  1. Ms Belle,
    Wow!! Never knew this place, like a supermarket for garden :) Quite tempted to go there one day. What did you buy here?

  2. Ash, yes you are right! The external appearance does not do justice to what's in store inside. I bought rose begonias, dwarf ixora and bougainvillea plants, also a ceramic vase, and some glazed ceramic containers.

    1. How is the price like? Have you bought any plants before this? Remember Scenic Tropical at Lot 22, the plants I bought from here is doing well until today.

    2. Ash, they are having a sale/promotion. I bought the containers at RM10-14, vase at RM 26 and plants at RM4, RM 10 for 3, RM 8, depending on the type. Lot 21 (landscape plants) and 22 (foliage plants) are indeed my faves. This is my first time visiting SMM.

  3. Thanks for wishing us "Ramadhan Mubarak". Nice gesture from you Ms Belle :)
    Hopefully, it's a good bargain for you. The glazed ceramic containers sounds interesting. I've not seen one. Isn't it heavy?

    1. Ash, I'm glad you my greetings ;-)
      You can see some examples of glazed ceramic containers in the last picture. I bought the white and brown colours. I use them as decorative containers, i.e. I put my plant planted in a plastic flower pot inside these containers. This way it is easy to change plants , mix and match according to my whims and fancies. The white containers can be used for English styled gardens, for your roses. The good thing about these containers is that it is easy to wash off any dust. They are not heavy but my Chinese designed vase is quite heavy.

  4. I have a big dark brown plastic container which I bought with its chrome stand. I'm using the same concept as you, to put flower pots inside :)
    Speaking of roses, mine is all history now :( Even the nice pink ones which you like too in my last post, all gone. Kena tipu la Ms Belle. The pot was already infested with zillions of redmites when I bought it. I thought I saw something but the nursery was quite dark so I can't tell much. After I sprayed with Baba pest repellent, the true story unfolds. And it was an ugly one. Had to throw it away the next day, so sayang, but what to do. I don't want them spreading to other plants.
    Take care Ms Belle not to buy heavy vase, need to consider our backbone. Not getting younger maa :)

    1. Ash, the ceramic containers I bought are not heavy but also not too light that it will fall when knocked of blown by the wind. Plastic containers will look dull after some time and need to be replaced.

      I so sorry to hear about your rose plants. I am still learning lessons, brushing up my selection/observation skills in the process. Imagine having to spend more money on pest control when we get an infested/unhealthy plant.

      I find that it is better to identify the vendor - I mean if you find vendors that sell good quality plants, always go back to these vendors and experiment with any new plants they have when you are feeling adventurous.

      Eg: 1. The plant is blooming and vibrant at the store but it start to deteriorate within a short while after we bring it home. Then we get desparate and spend more money on pest control and fertilizers and loose hair and sleep over our 'poor management' of this plant. Soon it died and we blame our inexperience. Now I know that it is an unhealthy plant I have purchased but it is not easy to spot the signs.

      2. I buy a not so perfect looking plant from my "Approved Vendor List" and it survives for a long time. I have roses that are still blooming, my azaleas survived for more than 2 years and some of my hibiscus more than 6 years. This hibiscus is getting stronger without the need to water or fertilize it! Now I am able to enjoy the company of butterflies and sunbirds feeding on the hibiscus flowers from the transparent door of my living room. Peace of mind and improved confidence - It's the VENDOR!


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