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Saturday, August 7, 2010

NHY Nursery

-  Buying Herb Plants, Traditional Medicinal Plants, Tropical Fruit Trees and Vegetable Plants

If you are looking for quality and affordable fruit trees, herbs and traditional medicinal plants then this is the nursery for you. I first came across this nursery at a flower show and I was impressed by the number of different varieties of fruit trees, herb and spice plants that they have. Basically, they specialise in edibles and traditional medicinal plants of Malaysia.

Some examples are Kacip Fatimah, DaunTembaga Suasa, Mahkota Dewa, Leggundi Hitam, Sudu-sudu, Senduduk Putih, Pegaga, Kunyit Putih and Kunyit Hitam, Naga Buana, Keremak Bukit, Sirih Melayu, Bawang Siam, Sambung Nyawa/Duan Dewa/Butat Hijau, Cekor Jabarun, Cekor Jantan/Cekor Jawa/Cekor Kuning.

For fruit trees, they have Nangka Madu, Durian Raja Kunyit, Passion Fruit, Belinjau, Rambai, Longan, Limau Nipis and Limau Purut, etc...  They even have tongkat ali, coffee and vanilla - Very interesting indeed!

 You can get the list of plants for sale at their website.

No 51, Lorong Setia 1C
Taman Setia, Jalan Johan Setia
42450 Klang
Selangor, Malaysia

Mobile:  +6016-254 5252 ,  +6019-383 5252 (Nopisah bt Abdul) or
+6016-975 9853 (Mr Adam Too), +6012-384 9424 (Nor Aishah)

Fax: 603-5161 0823 (Please inform before faxing)
Email: or

Website: Herba N Herbs
(The list of plants for sale are displayed here)

Facebook: NHY Nursery Herbs Resources
Location map: here

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Herbal plants

  • Anak benih dan biji benih sayuran
  • Pokok herba
  • Pokok buah-buahan
  • Pokok bunga-bungaan
  • Pokok Nadir
  • Rumput karpet
  • Tanaman komersial
  • Landskap
  • Baja organik, NPK
  • Kapur ladang
  • Tanah campuran
  • Racun serangga & perosak


  1. ad jual x pokok shell ginger (alpinia zerumbet)???


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