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Friday, May 4, 2012

Lot 55 Selangor Green Lane - Everflora Nursery and Supplier of Water Fountain, Stone Sculptures

1. Balinese stone statues
Recently, I chanced upon this nursery cum stone handicraft factory/workshop at Lot 55 - Selangor Green Lane. I was really captivated by the many beautiful Balinese stone sculptures, statues and carvings.

They have many choices for water features, water fountains and stone lanterns. Just look at the intricate designs and the patterns here. The Buddha statues looked so calm and divine!

3. Mythical vs Modern designs
A lone mermaid from the fairyland standing beside some contemporary art pieces.

4. Hindu
Here's a few designs of Lord Ganesha, the Elephant God.
A lovely Indian lady statue in saree. 
Would you like to have these beautiful water fountains in your garden?

A lotus-shaped 3 tiered water fountain. 
Behind this, there is a stone statue of Buddha deep in meditation.

There are many choices of stone carvings
such as stone lanterns, sandstone pedestals, frangipani ball, wall plaque and wall panels.

Beautiful Balinese style sculptures. 

This section has garden furniture carved in wood.

9. Roman fairies and angels, and buddhas sit side by side
Roman fairies and angels.
Buddha statues so calm and serene.
From the main entrance, Everflora Nursery is on the left side. 


This section sells many types of plants in polybags and plastic pots.
They also sell the usual garden supplies and accessories like soil, flower pots and fertilizer. 

The area with stone sculptures is on the right of the entrance.
The banner advertisement with the phone number belongs to a koi pond vendor who operates elsewhere.
The stonescape supplier details is as follows:
Rainforest Landscape & Nursery
Contact: Mr Steven Yong (+6016-2657163)
The nursery is on the left side of the main entrance.


  1. The stone sculptures are really beautiful.

    1. Sean, they are. Great accessories for the garden.

  2. those stone sculptures are just wonderful. I espeically love the ones in the first photo. I'd be so happy to have a pair of those.

  3. i am in singapore and i like one of the water features. How can i order it?

    1. Vilfred, you can contact Mr Steven Yeong of Rainforest Landscape & Nursery at 016-2657163 or email:


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