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Friday, November 21, 2014

How to go to MAHA 2014

1. Visitors Guide

MAHA 2014 (Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism Show) & HPPK is held on 20th - 30th November 2014.

Venue : MAEPS (MARDI HQ in Serdang)

Opening hours:
20 & 21 Nov 2014 for Trade Visitors only (10:00am - 6:00pm)
22-30 Nov 2014 for PUBLIC (10:00am - 10:00pm)

The theme of MAHA 2014 is "Agroteknologi Pemangkin Transformasi" (Agrotechnology - Catalyst for Transformation).

MAHA is Pameran Antarabangsa Pertanian, Hortikultur dan Agro Pelancongan Malaysia.
HPPK stands for Hari Peladang, Penternak & Nelayan Kebangsaan (The Farmers, Livestock Producers and Fishermen's Day)
The venue MAEPS stands for Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang

2. The road leading to MAHA 2014 venue

How to go to MAHA 2014:

(1) Visitors using the North-South Expressway, exit Kajang to enter SKVE (South Klang Valley Express) highway towards Hospital Serdang

(2) Visitors using the LDP (Leburaya Damansara-Puchong) highway can directly exit to SKVE and drive towards Hospital Serdang

ENTRANCE 1 - via Hospital Serdang
ENTRANCE 2 - via SKVE (exit 5 MARDI)

(3) WAZE users just type MAEPS Serdang

(4) Google maps: click here or here

(5) Free Bus Shuttle Service (Rapid) is available from Serdang Kommuter Station between 9:00am - 10:00pm at half hourly intervals.

3. Stalls at the Gate 2 entrance

20th and 21st Nov (10am - 6pm) - for Trade Visitors Only, meaning that
  1. It is opened to professionals, trade and business visitors by invitation or business card registration only
  2. Admision is free but registration is required 
  3. Children below 12 years old are not allowed in
  4. Visitors have to be properly attired. 
  5. Visitors who are inappropriately dress, in bermudas, shorts, sandals and slippers are not permitted to enter
  6. The organisers have the discretion to refuse entry to certain visitors  

4. Parking area

MAHA 2014 will be opened to the PUBLIC on 22nd - 30th Nov 2014

Visitors can enter via Entrance 1 or Entrance 2.

Parking at MAHA 2014
Park at the allocated Visitors Parking areas and thereafter walk towards the Entrance 1 or 2. Follow the instructions of the parking officials/attendance.

Parking fees : 
RM 5.00 per entry for cars and RM 2.00 for motocycle, to be paid upon exit.

At the Arrival Complex 1 or 2, there are FREE shuttle buses to transport you to the designated locations. Collect the Visitors Guide (Panduan Pengunjung) and plan where you want to visit.

5. Bus Stop cum Information Counter

This 'pondok bas' or bus stop (tram stop/station as in brochure) is provided with canopy shade and plastic chairs to sit on while waiting for the buses to transport you to the respective venues. You can ask the officials in red T-shirts and ID tags to help you go to the right location.

6. Shuttle Bus Route Map
There are 4 routes to select for the MAHA 2014 free bus shuttle service provided.

1. Toilet 
2. Eateries 
3. Surau (Prayer Rooms) 
4. Information Counter 
5. Rest and Waiting Areas 
6. ATM 
7. Child Care 
8. Taxi stop at Entrance 1
9. Shuttle bus service 
10. Sick Bay 
11. Lost & Found 
12. Assistance for the disabled 
13. Public Paging 
14. Refexology 
15. Sourvenir Shop 
16. Pedestrian walkway 
17. Tram stop/station 
18. Visitor Centre

7. Shuttle bus
The buses are painted in 4 different colours.
Look out of the route signage i.e. Laluan A, B, C or D.

8. Location Map in Visitor's Guidebook

Location Map of MAHA 2014 VENUES
Decide where you want to go before boarding the shuttle buses:

A. Laman Tiba 1 (Arrival Complex 1)
B. Gerai Jualan & Buah-Buahan (Fruits & Agriculture Produce Stalls) 
C. Dewan Pameran Utama (Main Exhibition Hall) - Dewan A 
D. Popular Dish - Dewan DG
E. Bazaar IAT 1&2 - Agrobazaar at Dewan B1/B2
F. Amphitheatre 
G. MAEPS Bistro 
H. Laman Sayur & Herba (Vegetables & Herbs Showground) 
I. Laman Perikanan (Fisheries Showground) 
J. Laman Florikultur (Floriculture Showground) 
K. Rumah Negeri (State Pavilions) 
L. Laman Padi (Paddy Showground) 
M. Laman Nanas (Pineapple Showground) 
N. Laman Ternakan (Livestock Showground) 
O. Laman Jentera (Machinery Showground) 
P. Laman Tiba 2 (Arrival Complex 2)

8. Bazaar 
This open air bazaar with white canopies sells all kinds of agriculture and floriculture stuff.
The building in the background is the Main Exhibition Hall.

Where to eat at MAHA 2014
  1. Popular Dish at Dewan DG serves popular dishes from various states of Malaysia
  2. Laman Ternakan (Livestock Showground) for meat dishes
  3. MAEPS Bistro serves Malay and steamboat dishes in the evenings and night
  4. Rumah Negeri (State Pavilion) serves popular state dishes
  5. Laman Perikanan (Fisheries Showground) serves fish and seafood dishes at the food court
  6. Restaurant Jelapang at Laman Padi (Paddy Showground)

9. xhibition Hall area

This is where the Main Exhibition Halls, State Pavilions and IAT 1 & 2 Bazaars are located.

The IAT Bazaars are located indoors and air-conditioned. You can sample food and beverage items and also make purchases of the products related to the technology and industrial sector.

Contact details:
MAHA 2014 Secretariat
43400 Serdang, Selangor
Tel: +6011-1288 7220, +6011-2332 7400, +011-2806 7001
Fax: +603-8945 3816
Website: here


  1. We are a group Sarawakian hoping to visit MAHA tomorrow. We are worry if there is place for us to temporarily keep our luggage or we have big trouble to carry them along for whole day.

    1. Joseph, you can try calling the MAHA organisers to find out.


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