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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sin Nursery - Lot 53 Selangor Green Lane (Garden Decoratives and Ornaments)

Sin Nursery is located at Lot 53 Selangor Green Lane. Like any other nursery there, it is a one-stop centre for flowers and plant supplies, I mean they sell everything from plants, fertilizers, flower pots, planter box and accessories. If you are looking for garden ornaments and cute looking fairy tale figurines to decorate your living space, here's the one to go to. The items sold are quite similar to Lot 54 Weng Thye Brothers Ceramic Trading, hence it gives you an option to bargain and compare prices.

The following pictures are self-explanatory, so do enjoy!

They have oriental as well as western designs to suit any garden style. 

Lot 53 - Sin Nursery
Tel: +603-7845 2830
Mobile: +6012-914 5296 and +6012-691 5296
Location map, click here.

Tip: When shopping for plants, select those that are healthy, lush and vibrant looking. These plants are more resistant to pest attacks, grows quickly and are less likely to die on you. It will save you a lot of heartache and frustration.


  1. Well, I ha a lovely time visiting your garden center and would most certainly love to stop by. Unfortunately I am working and my pass port has expired. It just looks like a great place to spend a couple of hours.

  2. Thanks for this lovely post and will try to read all your posts this year!! Happy Chinese New Year!! gong Xi fa Cai.

  3. Had a chance to visit this nursery and purchased a few hundred pearl grass together with a few trees. A few Pearl grass was delivered in a unhealthy condition and when we requested to change the owner refused to change even a few patches claiming that they can't exchange dead grass. The fact that they delivered unhealthy grass at the first place was ignored. A very unpleasant experience. Not recommended at all. Be wary when you get these guys to deliver stuffs. A slight ignorance will cause them to cheat a few hundred dollars out of you.


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