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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Buying Plants and Flowers from nurseries in Selangor Green Lane

This is a Directory of Nurseries in SELANGOR GREEN LANE which is situated along Jalan Subang-Sungai Buloh in Selangor state. It is about 40 km or a half hour to 45 mins drive by car for me to reach here. For PJ and KLites, it is about 15 mins drive?

You can find almost anything you need at quite reasonable prices. New plants from around the country and overseas are constantly being introduced via this wholesale and retail distribution centre. Some examples are roses and jungle plants from Cameron Highlands, festive plants from Holland and China. Here, one can also find wooden, concrete, ceramic, rocks and stone products and statues, water features and fountains, pagodas, gazebos and pergolas in standard shapes and sizes and also custom-made to your specifications. Some of them provide garden design, consultation and landscaping services in addition to selling plants, herbs, spices, orchids, bonsai, trees and flowers. Hey, I can even find Japanese koi fishes, pond construction and consultation services here.

Here is where gardeners and garden enthusiasts, landscape contractors, interior designers and decorators, etc... from all over Malaysia congregate to do their "shopping". It doesn't matter if you are a novice or master gardener, hobbyist, business owner or reseller. There are all kinds of products and services to suit your Garden Style/Concept - eg: Chinese, Japanese, Zen, English Cottage, Rustic, Balinese, Nusantara, Modern, Contemperory or DIY.

If you are new to this area, it is better to do some homework and shop around, check and compare prices before buying. Identify your own favourite vendors.

Do be careful about your safety, as this is a very busy highway with many cars and lorries zooming past.

“Buying Plants and Flowes from Nurseries in Selangor Green Lane”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Elaine Yim @  on Friday, 18th Nov 2011.

List of Nurseries in Selangor Green Lane - Jalan Sungai Buloh

Lot 16 & 17 - Semaian Ming Ming (SMM) Landscape Sdn Bhd
Full Address:
Lot 16 & 17 Jalan Subang-Sungai Buloh,
Selangor Green Lane,
47000 Sungai Buloh,
Mobile: +6016-210 4304 , +6012-339 0485 and +6019-339 0485

Lot 18 Pun Sam Landscape
·      Tel & Fax: +603-6156 2522
Mobile +6012-913 4088
Facebook: here

Lot 19 & 20 - Wellgrow Horticultural Centre and Wellgrow Horti Trading
(Importer, wholesale distributor, landscaping)
Tel: +603-61578017

Lot 21 - Soon Lee Landscape (Click on link) / Warisan Hijau Tropics Landscape Sdn Bhd
Nursery and landscaping
Tel/Fax: +603-6140 2764
Mobile: +6012-211 3353

Lot 22 - Scenic Tropical Garden
Mobile: +603-6157 1525, +6012-233 0808

Lot 23 - Soon Lee Nursery
Fruit trees and plumeria
Mobile: +6017-378 8220
Facebook: click here

Lot 24 - Kean Huat Nursery & Landscaping Sdn Bhd
Mobile: +6012-383 2917 or 012-304 7680 (Steven)
Facebook: Jing Sing Garden (click here)

Lot 25 - Summitstone Sdn Bhd (stonescapes)
Mobile: +6012-311 0728, +6016-663 0728

Lot 26 Sri Galaxy Landscape & Nursery (Landscape, waterscape & fish pond, plants, handicrafts)
Mobile: +6019-268 9159, +6016-660 9159

Lot 28 - Vase Trading
Adeniums (Desert Rose/Prosperity Flower)
Mobile: +6012-651 2333

Lot 29D Inspirasi Bestari Enterprise
Mobile: +6013-366 9679, +6013-338 0768

Lot 30 - Lyna Ubersari Bali Landscape & Pottery
Mobile: +6019-266 9580

Lot 31 & Lot 32 - Maxly Landscape Sdn Bhd (Landscape, Rockscape, Aquascape)
Tel: +603-4023 6117
Mobile: +6012-694 2023 (Maria)
Fax: +603-40239118
Website: here.

Lot 33 - Permai Garden Landscape
Tel: +603-6157 1525

Lot 34 - Sri Garden Design

Lot 35 - Garden World
Tel: +6012-675 4017

Facebook: here

Lot 36 - Alam Laman Seni Garden Centre (opposite Indian Temple) - Nursery & Landscaping
Tel: +6019-215 6749
Facebook: here

Lot 37 & 38 Golden Podocarpus (podocarpus trees, stonescapes, koi fishes)
Tel: +6016-7649390

Lot 39,40,41 - Kejuruteraan Kesenian Hua May (M) Sdn Bhd
Landscaped Chinese, Japanese garden design
Tel: +603-6156 5560
Fax: +603-6140 5614

Note: Lot 35-41 is located along the inner section (old highway), away from the main highway.

Lot 42B & C -One Stop Garden Solution
Tel: +603-61567268
Fax: +603-61579278

Lot 43 - Sun Beauty Home & Landscaping Trading Sdn Bhd
Mobile: +6013-654 2547

Lot 43A - My Unique Garden
Orchids only
Mobile: +6016-335 3562

Lot 45 - Konzept Garden Landscape (figurines, seasonal decorative plants, glassware, ceramic, porcelain, artificial flowers)
Tel: +603-6140 2811
Fax: +603-6140 2812
Careline: Tel: 1700-81-4688 and Fax: 1700-81-0104
Facebook: here.

46 & 47 - SB Phoenix Ocean Sdn Bhd
Tel: +603-6157 1979
Fax: +603-6140 2812
Careline: Tel: 1700-81-4688 and Fax: 1700-81-0104
Website: here

Lot 48 - Pebbles Concept House (pebbles, rocks and stones)
Tel +603-6156 9518, +6012-527 0515
Fax +603-6156 9516
Business Hours: 10am-6pm (Closes on Public Holidays)

Lot 49 & 50 - Delima Tani (M) Sdn Bhd
Annuals, herbs and spices, Baba products
Tel: +012-2034 211 (Mr Albert Goh), +6012-2266 726 (Chong Foong Choo)
+6012 2278 387 (Choon)
Fax: +603-6410 4096

Lot 50B - Canbuild Design, Landscape and Construction 

Tel: +6019-332 6255
Fax: +603-7842 4092

Lot 51 Aquarium Shop

Lot 51 - Hasimah Nursery
Tel: +6016-612 0479
Fax: +6016-247 6911

Lot 52 - Mohd Noor Nursery
Tel: +6016-6120 479, +6016-2476911

Lot 53 - SWS Garden (garden ornaments and plants) - click on link
Mobile: +6012-6915296
Facebook: here

Lot 54 - Weng Thye Brothers Ceramics Trading (garden ornaments and plants)
Tel/Fax: +603-6157 0874
Mobile: +6016-369 5176, +6019-208 8833 or +6016-285 7700

Lot 55 - Everflora Nursery & Landscape
Nursery, Water Fountains, Koi Pond Construction, Landscaping

Lot 56 - Evershine Garden (ornamental flowers)
Tel: +603-6274 6382
Mobile: +6012-317 0630 and +6012-273 0918

Lot 57 - Chai Orchid Nursery (Hew Pang Keong Roses)
Rose grower & specialist - imported roses, kampung/Cameron roses for lowland growing
Tel: +6016-318 9883

Lot 61 - Paling Horticulture Sdn Bhd (Wholesaler/Importer )
Holland, China, Cameron Highlands flowers, plant rental & landscaping
Mobile: +6012-372 2006

Lot 63, 47C and 28A - Dream Garden Design
Nursery, landscaping and design
Mobile: +6012-9851688, +6012-948 8048, +6012-298 7188
Facebook: here.

Lot 64 - Advanced Pond Builders
Japanese koi and pond construction, landscaping, design
Mobile: +6012-310 7188
Facebook: here

Lot 64A - Elegant Grass Enterprise
Artificial grass
Mobile: +6012-273 3202
Website: here.

Lot 66 - K.C. Landscape Services
Nursery, landscape, design
Mobile: +6012-321 1127

Lot 67 & 68 - Asia Nursery
Orchid Nursery, landscape, design
Mobile:  +6012-388 7999, +6012-314 2368

Lot 69 - Green Acre Florist & Orchid Shop and Art Vision Landscape Sdn Bhd
Import & export of orchids, nursery, landscape, design, water garden
Mobile: +612-6948284 (Ah Weng), 018-3892627 (Kenson Lai), 012-3183236 (Yen)
Fax: +603-62763953

Lot 70 - Soon Li Bonsai Nursery
Mobile: +6012-643 1584, +6017-848 4982
Facebook: click here.

Lot 71 & 72 Tropic Garden Design
Landscape contractors, design and garden accessories (wholesale)
Mobile: +6016-262 8968

Location map of Selangor Green Lane in Sg Buloh:
1. Click on the image below to get a larger view of my illustrated map

2. To view Google interactive map, click here

a) For those using the NKVE, exit the Sungai Buloh Toll. Keep to your left and cross the bridge towards Sungai Buloh. DO NOT TAKE THE FLYOVER. The first nursery you see on your left is Ah Chui Nursery.  Keep left and continue straight until you reach the junction of Sg Buloh KTM Komuter Station. Turn left towards Shah Alam way into Jalan Sungai Buloh  - the route on Google map is No. 15. (Note: Going straight will lead you to Sg Buloh town and Kuala Selangor - No. 54). Driving along Jalan Sungai Buloh, you should pass by an army camp, some furniture shops and restaurants on your right. After a couple of km, the first nursery you'll see on your left is probably Lot 16 SMM Nursery or Semaian Ming Ming.

b) From Kepong, Sg. Buloh or Subang, head towards Shah Alam way into Jalan Sungai Buloh - route no. 15 on Google map. You should pass by the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM).  Go straight and look out for Lot 70 on your right, just after the T-Junction to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (Old Subang Airport).

Selangor Green Lane is roughly from Lot no.16 to 72 along Jalan Subang-Sungai Buloh. It starts from the junction near Sg Buloh KTM Station and ends near RRIM.

3. The GPS location is at GPS Location : 3.170935, 101.570790

You can shop for potted live Christmas trees in Selangor Green Lane now. The best time to buy poinsettias is 2 weeks before Christmas. For Chinese New Year shopping for fengshui plants, it's late December to early January. For this, I'll keep you informed, hence do watch this space.

Happy gardening!
Elaine Yim

Note: I am reposting this due to overwhelming response to my earlier post page about The Selangor Green Lane (here). Hope that it is now easier to post and view comments here.

Updated: 16 August 2017

Sunday, January 1, 2017

How to buy the Plants in Tropical Cities book in Malaysia

Plants in Tropical Cities
by Boo Chih Min, Sharon Y.J. Chew, Jean W.H.Yong

The newly released "Plants in Tropical Cities" is a clear and concise handbook (like a mini-encyclopedia) of tropical and sub-tropical plants. This book is 100% loaded with vivid and colourful pictures of plants and flowers found in tropical cities ...1 000 pages, 2 800 featured plants and 6 800 photos!

The aim of this book is to increase awareness among the general public and nurture interest in tropical plant species. This guidebook will be very useful to gardeners (green horns and green thumbs), horticulturists, landscapers, students and researchers who are keen on plant identification and understanding their growth requirements.

The authors:
1. Ms Boo Chih Min, is a graduate of botany from the University of Singapore. She is the author of the best-selling gardening book in our region, "1001 Garden Plants of Singapore"(one of my favourite reference books for plant ID of tropical plants). Chih Min is an experienced landscape consultant with many years of experience working at the National Parks Board of Singapore.

2. Ms Sharon YJ Chew, a graduate of Applied Science, majoring in plants from the University of Queensland; and also in Horticulture and Landscape Management from Ngee-Ann Polytechnic Singapore.

3. Prof. Jean WH Yong, an Associate Professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. He studied botany at the National University of Singapore; and biochemistry and physiology at the Australian National University. More information about him here.

In the first 867 pagers, plants are categorized by Scientific Name in alphabetical order.

Here's what I love most about the book: In the next section (page 875 to 979), there is an index of plants grouped into the different categories according to type and purpose, taking into account areas of specific interest such as indoor plants for the apartment dweller with limited space, and vertical or rooftop planting for the eco-gardener.
  1. Cycads
  2. Palms
  3. Ferns and Fern Allies
  4. Climbers
  5. Trees
  6. Ground Covers
  7. Hedges
  8. Plants that attract butterfly
  9. Plants that attract birds
  10. Indoor Plants
  11. Aquatic Plants
  12. Drought Tolerant Plants
  13. Fragrant Plants
  14. Seaside Plants
  15. Roadside Plants
  16. Plants for Green Roof Planting
  17. Plants for the Greening of Vertical Wall
  18. Epiphytes
  19. Mangrove and Mangrove Associates

For each plant species, there are pictures of the foliage, flowers and fruits highlighting important morphological characteristics. Information provided include the Scientific Name, Common Names and Synonyms if any. The common names are in English and where applicable, the Malay name and Chinese characters are also provided.

Pictorial icons are used to denote botanical information, characteristics, plant care requirements, planting guide and potential horticulture application.

What the symbols (picture icons) indicate:
  1. Plant habits: Trees, shrubs, climbers, ferns, palms, cycads
  2. Plant care requirements: Sunlight, watering
  3. Plant use/characteristic: Tropical native, plants suitable for roadside planting, seaside planting, aquatic plants, drought tolerant plants, indoor plants, ornamental flowers, ornamental foliage, herbs & spices, plants that attract birds or butterflies are all indicated by picture icons.
A summary of the genus names in alphabetical order is provided at the back of the book (page 982-989) for easy and quick reference.

What is missing from this book is the summary list of Common Names for plant species matched with the Scientific Names and the location page. This will be useful for the layman who only know the common name or local name and wish to find the scientific name of a particular plant. Also, the specific region or country of origin of each plant species is not mentioned but if the plant is native to Singapore and neighbouring countries, it is indicated with an icon depicting "Tropical Natives".

The good quality photos of plants and flowers are itself an attraction that motivates the reader to flip through the pages again and again to familiarize him/herself with the many tropical plant species that are commonly found in our region. Like the saying. "a picture speaks a thousand words", therefore with the clear and comprehensive method of presentation, it makes the plant ID learning process so much more interesting and simplified. The authors' passion for tropical plants identification and flare for photography is clearly exhibited in every page.

I would like to emphasize that it is good for the gardener to know the scientific names of the plants that we want to grow. If we know the scientific name, then we can search for more details about the growth requirements, specific needs and habit of the plant. This will increase our chances of success in growing the garden plants that we like. It will also reduce our tears of plants dying on us suddenly, seemingly without reason. Do be brave and adventurous to try out as many plants as you can. After all there is nothing much to loose but our time and efforts. The wealth of knowledge and experiences is the soul enriching and happy reward....Elaine Yim


This book is published in Singapore. The normal price is SGD 60

The price in Malaysia by own collection is RM 150.00.

At the moment, it has not reached the bookstores in Malaysia yet. Malaysians who wish to buy this book can send an email to me at mynicegardenblog(at)

Postage charges: The price is inclusive of postage charges within Peninsular Malaysia. For deliver to other places, additional postage charges applies and will be revealed to buyer once the destination is known.