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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Buying Flowers and Plants for Christmas in Malaysia

If you are still wondering what or where to buy flowers and plants for Christmas and if you are in the Klang Valley, perhaps it is a good idea to head over to Selangor Green Lane in Jalan Subang-Sungai Buloh, Selangor and look around the nurseries there. There are lots of them.

Last weekend, I visited Paling Horticulture Sdn Bhd at Lot 61, Selangor Green Lane. Wow, they have indeed stocked up on lots of flowers and plants for the festive season. Coming here is like going to a flower festival because there are so many flowers in many colours and varieties. Like they say, "rambang mata memandang". Poinsettias, amaryllis, kalanchoes, azaleas, chrysanthemums, cactus, Christmas trees... you name it, they have it. Instant flowers for the instant garden and to suit your home indoor/outdoor decor or house parties.

Paling supplies plants and flowers wholesale. Their products are obtained from many sources, e.g. growers from Cameron Highlands and all over Malaysia, also imported from overseas countries like Holland, China, etc.

Here are some flowers that captured my attention:

A white and pink Hippeastrum Lily. 

Pink Stargazer Lilies in pots.

Yellow Asiatic / Oriental Lilies

Orange Asiatic / Oriental Lilies

Potted Christmas trees that can fit into any garden

More potted Christmas and pine trees.

Potted herbs like dill, rosemary, sage and mint, 

Foliage plants, hanging plants, potted plants, flowering, non-flowering, climbers, vines and shrubs, even orchids!

Purple and red gloxinias to brighten up any home.


Christmas Kalanchoes - red, pink, yellow, orange, from pale pink to white.

Gerbera daisies in many colours.


Paling Horticulture Sdn Bhd is located at:
Lot 61, Jalan Subang-Sungai Buloh,
Selangor Green Lane, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor
Tel: +6012-372 2006 (Mr Bernard Looi)
Opening hours: 8:00am - 7:00pm

To view Google interactive map, click here

Monday, December 19, 2011

Buying Live Christmas Trees and Pine Trees in Malaysia

1. Christmas Pine

During the festive season this year, I find that quite a number of nurseries and garden centres are stocking up on Christmas trees, conifers and pine trees. Since there are more choices and varieties now, it may be a good reason to pop in at the local nursery if you are thinking of buying an evergreen tree for your garden:
  1. To be decorated as a potted indoor or ground-grown Christmas tree with lighting and ornaments. The indoor tree can be replanted later in your garden. This way, you can have an Eco-friendly Christmas.
  2. To landscape the garden like resort-living
  3. To grow a pine tree in the garden for good fengshui

I do hope that you can find your evergreen trees to build up many happy everlasting memories to last a lifetime. Why not then, have a Christmas Tree that is always living and growing in your garden?

2. Round Pine

What we commonly call "pine trees" are actually conifers, i.e. evergreen coniferous trees. These trees have existed since time immemorial, i.e. about 350 million years ago during the Carboniferous Period, long before the Jurassic times. The height of a pine conifer tree varies from 3m (dwarf) to 80m tall. You can differentiate pine trees conifers from one another by the number of needles they have per bundle/cluster.

3. Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island Pine tree, also known as Hong Kong Pine, House Pine or Star Pine.
Scientific name: Araucaria heterophylla
Family: Araucariaceae
Category: Evergreen coniferous tree

This tree is native (and was endemic) to Norfolk Island in the South Pacific. It is a very popular Christmas Tree. This slow growing tree can reach a height of 6-12m tall. However, the tree trunk tends to bend as the tree ages.  

4. Blue Pine

The Blue Pine, also known as Chinese Juniper or Blue Fir
Scientific name: Juniperus chinensis
Family: Cupressaceae
Category: Coniferous evergreen shrub

Chinese Junipers are very popular in public gardens, stately homes, colleges and universities grounds. There are a few variations; some with a narrow crown and single trunk, some have multiple trunks growing from the base, or the foliage may be yellow and some are dwarf trees.

5. Sleeping Pine

Pine trees are popular in Chinese/Oriental/Japanese Rock/Zen/Water Gardens. Some pine trees can be grown as bonsai. You can also find them in Chinese landscapes painting and calligraphy.

A pair of healthy living pine trees in the garden is a symbol of marital bliss for the couple.

6. Snake Pine

Pine trees remain evergreen throughout winter and their leaves do not fall off. Other plants drop off their leaves, turn dormant or wither and die but not for the Pine, Bamboo and Plum which are regarded as the "3 Friends of Winter" (sui han san you - 岁寒三友). Together they represent perseverence, integrity and modesty. When pictured or painted togerther, they signify a strong friendship that can overcome all kinds of trials, tribulations and adversity. Old and long-living pine trees are highly valued and treated with great respect.

7. Pencil Pine

For the Chinese, pine trees are a symbol of longevity, resilience and strength.

8. Arborvitae

Scientific name: Platycladus orientalis
Common name: Oriental Arborvitae, Oriental Thuja, Biota
Formerly known as: Thuja orientalis
Chinese name: ce bai (側柏)
Family: Cupressaceae
Origin: China, Korea, Iran
Category: Evergreen coniferous tree

It is a compact shrub from the cypress family. This is a popular tree grown in Chinese homes and on the grounds of Chinese temples and associations as a symbol of longevity and vitality. "Arbovitae" is a Latin word meaning "tree of life". The tree can grow to about 15m tall with a spread of 6m. The needles are soft and do not prick your hand. This is a maintenance free tree as it is drought tolerant and quite resistant to pest attack. It grows uniformly, hence it will need very little pruning.The foliage is dense and fan-shaped. Established plants are drought tolerant. Some trees in China are more than 1,000 years old. There is a dwarf variety that grows to about 60-80m tall.

It used to be a custom in traditional Chinese weddings to place P. orientalis leaves inside red envelopes (ang pow packets), gift trays and marital bed during the ceremonies and rituals. E.g. during the "seong tau" (hair combing ceremony) the night before the actual wedding day, a sprig of P. orientalis  leaves was worn on the groom's headdress, also placed in the urn during the prayer session. Nowadays, they have replaced it with pomelo leaves.
9. Podocarpus macrophyllus

In temperate countries with the 4 seasons, pine trees which are non-flowering will bear cones that contain the edible pine seeds called pine nuts that we use for cooking. In our warm Malaysian weather, you won't be able to see this happening to your garden tree!

How to select your tree:
  1. Ask the staff to show you the different types of trees. Chose one that you like according to your budget and your preferences to overall shape, height, spread, texture, foliage colour and growth rate.
  2. Hard and dry soil is a sign of neglect
  3. The tree should not have a lot of needle drop
  4. The tree should not have a lot of foliage that has turned brown and off-colour.
  5. The branches should not snap easily
Finally, remember NOT to prune off more than 2ft from the top of your pine tree!

    My grateful thanks to Soon Lee Landscape at Lot 21 Selangor Green Lane for giving me the permission to take the above photographs. My special thanks to their friendly and knowledgeable staff  for the explanation on the different types of pine trees that we can grow in Malaysia.

    My article, "Evergreen Christmas" about planting live trees first appeared in the New Straits Times on 10 Dec 2011. The link is here.

    Christmas Tree Options:

    1. Imported pre-cut trees - this will cost more than buying a live potted tree from the local nursery. You need to make sure the tree does not dry up or dies before the big day. Most probably, you can't replant the tree after the season is over, so it'll end up in the compost bin or a landfill. You need to cut up the tree into smaller pieces and dispose it off properly. 

    2. A live potted tree from the local nursery - If you choose a healthy tree and maintain it well, it can last many years in a container or replanted on the ground. 

    3. Fibre Optic and/or plastic tree - You can put all sorts of ornaments and lights on the tree. After the season, the tree can be packed and stored up, to be recycled again in the following years. A good choice for an indoor Christmas tree.

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    Floristika in Bangsar - Fresh Flowers Wholesale & Retail

    Floristika.Com.My Sdn Bhd
    16, Jalan Liku, Off Jlan Riong, Bangsar
    59100 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel: +603-2287 6113
    Fax: +603-2287 7213
    Website: here
    Location map: here.
    (From highway along Jalan Bangsar to KL - after Tenaga National Berhad, look out for 99 Speedmart (Pasar Mini 99) at Wisma Dicklin, turn left into Jalan Riong where you will pass by China Press. Take the first turning into Jalan Liku. Floristika's building is just behind NST).

    Opening hours: 8:00am - 9:30pm

    Products and Services
    • local (e.g. Cameron Highlands) and imported fresh flowers (e.g. Holland, Kenya roses, India, China) 
    • potted plants
    • artificial silk flowers and floral accessories
    • pottery, baskets, glassware, containers, stands, display materials, gift wrapping
    • Festive plants
    • Christmas season plants (eta mid-November)
      • Scented Live Christmas Trees from USA from 4-12ft
      • Elwoodii, Ilex, Nobilis, Poinsettia - Red and White (limited stocks)
    • pre-cut Christmas trees (eta early December)

    Example: fresh orchids at RM 4.00 - RM 8.00 per bundle of 10 stalks each.

    Thursday, December 8, 2011

    Orchid Festival at Penang Botanic Gardens 3 -11 Dec 2011

    Date: 3rd Dec ~ 11th Dec 2011
    Time: 9:00am - 7:00pm
    Admission: FREE
    Location: Botanic Gardens, Penang

    Federation of Malaya Orchid Society (FOMOS), and
    Penang Sate Tourism Development and Culture Office
    Contact: +604- 227 0428 or +604-228 4124
    Event details from Penang State Tourism website here
    Location map here

    Objectives :
    To promote Penang as an orchid growing state
    To educated the public on how to grow orchids.

    • Over 300 orchids of 35 species which will be on display by experienced and dedicated orchid growers from every state of Malaysia.
    • Participants from Singapore and Thailand
    • Malaysian Nature Society and Friends of Botanic Gardens activities
      • Recycling clinic
      • Nature walk
      • Nature book sale
      • Group discussions on herbs, bird-watching, etc.
      • Exhibition on the environment
    • Glass painting, paper quilting, leaf craft, origami, T-shirt and canvas bag printing
    • Many varieties of orchids and related accessories on sale by different vendors
    • Flowering and ornamental plants, fruit trees, gardening tools and accessories on sale

    Wednesday, December 7, 2011

    Orchid Festival (18th) at SACC Mall Shah Alam 9-11 December 2011

    Orchid Competition
    Orchid Sale 
    Orchid Exhibition

    Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MSBA), Kelab Anggerik Shah Alam, SACC Mall

    For enquiries, please contact Landscaping Division:
    Tel: +603-5522 2833 ext. 365 (Cik Elly Faheeda)
    +603-5510 5133 ext. 218 (Hamimah)
    Location map to SACC Mall, click here.

    For a glimpse of this year's Orchid Festival, please visit this post by Sean L of  Half a Pound of Treacle blog here. There is also another Pesta Bunga Shah Alam on 16-18 Dec 2011 at Lake Carnival just opposite PKNS complex. Sean L has written a post about it here.

    Monday, December 5, 2011

    Tiara Bali Concept - Stock Clearance Sale 2-11 Dec 2011 (up to 70%)

    Jualan penghabisan stok.

    Tiara Bali Concept

    No.1, Jalan Perniagaan Masria 3
    Pusat Perniagaan Masria, Batu 9
    Jalan Cheras, 43200 Cheras, KL
    Tel: +6012-293 9836 or +6016-330 1775
    Fax: +603-924 4318
    Website: (with online location map to showroom).

    Products & Services:
    • Handmade sandstone carvings from Bali - from 300 gm to 2 m tall
    • Custom-made wall panels, murals and scenery for outdoors and indoors
    • Balinese gazebo, water features, pond, water fountains
    • Specialist in stone/concrete wall panels from 100cm x 100cm to 1m x 1m
    • Bali pebbles, river stones, Castle stones,
    • pebble pot, marble basin, wood basin, rock basin
    • Tumble/mosaic motif and pebble wash walkways
    • Bamboo products

    • Air pancuran, pasu, batu panel/siar kaki/mangkuk hiasan, patung, ornamen hiasan laman
    • Batu-batu sungai, batu kerikil, sandstone,  dan bangkah batu
    • Lantai bermotif mosaic, panel hiasan sebesar 2m x 3m
    • Keping batu dan papan untuk tempat laluan
    • Granit, mamar dan slates
    • Batu-batuan semula jadi yang telah diimpot
    • Kolam hiasan pelbagai saiz dan konsep

    This was first posted on Sept 4th, 2010, now updated on Dec 2nd, 2011. My grateful thanks to commenter Cheah who informed me.

      Sunday, December 4, 2011

      Ekspo Flora Klang 2011 pada 2-4 Disember Part 2

      Pintu masuk ke Expo Flora Klang 2011 yang sedang diadakan di Taman Rakyat, Taman Sri Andalas, Klang.

      Lukisan berwana-warni di papan ini sangat sesuai untuk mengambil gambar foto dengan ahli keluarga atau kawan-kawan.

      Khemah-khemah karnival jualan dan pameran. Terdapat gerai-gerai yang menjual makanan dan minuman, peralatan kahwin untuk pengantin baru, pakaian dan alat-alat permainan kanak-kanak. Kemudahan seperti tempat parkir dan tandas bergerak juga sedia ada.

      Bunga-bunga angerik yang menarik dari Lum Chin Orchid Garden Sdn Bhd.
      Anggerik-anggerik yang berbunga dan di dalam pasu yang paling murah ialah RM 8.00 satu.

      Pokok-pokok cili ini disiram air and dibaja dengan mengunakan alat "DIY mini fertigasi" di pondok Green Agro World.

      Baja-baja organik, baja cair, tanah, biji benih dan juga racun serangga di antara barang-barang yang dijual.

      Produk dan pokok stevia pula dijual oleh syarikat Agro Sweet Paklong. Pokok stevia muda dalam beg hitam (polybag) dijual dengan harga RM 10.00 satu.

      Pokok-pokok hutan, herba dan buah-buahan tropika dari NHY Nursery. Terdapat pokok-pokok mas cotek jantan dan betina, kacip fatima, ekor kucing, kunyit hitam, longan "ping-pong", nangka dan limau nipis.

      Pembekal ini (Medinar Enterprise) menjual pelbagai produk-produk Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa), misalnya pokok muda, daun kering dalam pek uncang atau racik. Harga bermula dari RM 15.00 satu paket/berkas.

      Persembahan lagu dan tarian memeriahkan lagi suasana ekspo.

      Acara senamrobik bersama jurulatih dari Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) pada pagi ini. 

      Monday, November 28, 2011

      Ekspo Flora Klang 2011 on 2,3,4 Dec 2011 - Part 1

      Ekspo Flora Klang 2011

      Tarikh: 2 - 4 Disember 2011 (Jumaat - Ahad)
      Masa: 9.00 pagi – 10.00 malam
      Tempat: Taman Rakyat, Taman Sri Andalas, Klang

      Tertulis dalam banner:
      Karnival Jualan & Pameran, Wedding Garden, Haiwan Peliharaan,
      Pertandingan Gubahan Bunga, Pertandingan Pakaian Beragam Flora, Pertandingan Terrarium,
      Kuiz, Larian Denai Flora Berkumpulan, Pertandingan Separuh Akhir Band Idol

      Untuk maklumat yang lanjut, sila hubungi:
      Jabatan Taman & Rekreasi MPK +603-3375 7871 atau
      Jabatan Korporat +603-3371 6044 samb. 1015

      Aturcara Aktiviti.

      2hb Disember 2011 (Jumaat)
      9:00 pagi - petang: Ekspo Pameran dan Karnival Jualan

      3hb Disember 2011 (Sabtu)

      9:00 pagi
      Karnival Jualan dan Pameran
      Pertandingan Pakaian Beragam Flora (Kanak-kanak)
      Pertandingan Gubahan Bunga (Lelaki dan Wanita)

      12:00 tengahari - Penyambaian hadiah

      1:00 - 2:00 ptg  - Rehat / Solat

      2:30-5:30 ptg - Pertandingan Terranium (Terbuka / Sekolah Menengah) / Kuiz

      5:30 ptg - Penyampaian hadiah

      7:00 - 8:30 mlm 
      Rehat / Solat
      Pertandingan Separuh Akhir Band Idol

      4hb Disember 2011 (Ahad)

      8:00 pagi
      Kehadiran oleh VVIP
      Senamrobik, Ucapan Timbalan Yang Dipertua MPK & Ucapan VVIP
      Pelepasan peserta Pertandingan Larian Denai Flora
      Pertandingan Gubahan Bunga (VVIP)
      Lawatan VVIP ke khemah-khemah pameran dan jualan
      Jamuan ringan
      Penyampaian hadiah Larian Denai Flora dan Pertandingan Guhaban
      Kuiz Ekspo Flora
      Persembahan Kombo MPK & artis jemputan

      9:00 pagi - Ekspo Pameran dan Karnival Jualan

      6:00 ptg - Bersurai

      Source: Portal rasmi MPK, link here

      Friday, November 25, 2011

      Weng Thye Brothers Ceramics Trading - Lot 54 Selangor Green Lane



      Actually I came here looking for plants and flowers but discovered a whole new world of fantasy delights when I ventured inside the store. Popular flowering, fragrant and foliage plants, herbs, spice and fengshui plants are place at the entrance. Inside they have a wide range of garden ornaments and accessories. Some examples are:
      • bird houses, some complete with twitting sounds
      • stone products for planter boxes, water fountains 
      • wooden, metal, bamboo stakes, edging and separators
      • flower pots - ceramic, plastic, stone, fiber
      • potting mix, fertilizer
      • lighting sets e.g. glittering LED lights, festive lighting
      • ceramic, fiber figurines 
        • Snow White and 7 Dwarfs, deers, snail, toadstools, buts (eg beetles and lady birds) letter box and other fairy tale characters for English Cottage Garden
        • Tortoises, birds, roaster, ducks, goose, cranes letter box for the Feng Shui /Zen/Oriental Garden
        • Vases and fanciful flower pots
      This is a good place to shop for DIY items to create your fantasy garden. The neighbour Lot 53 sells similar products, hence one can shop around to compare prices. They often have bargains, sales and promotions which means cheaper prices than those sold at home centers and hypermarkets. 

      Toads are suitable for English Cottage, Rustic, Tropical as well as Feng Shui and Water gardens.

      “Weng Thye Brothers Ceramics Trading - Lot 54 Selangor Green Lane”, a copyrighted post, was written for My Nice Garden blog by Elaine Yim @ on Friday, 25th Nov 2011.

      They have a good choice of garden accessories and ornaments.
      A cute little kitty cat among my favourite blue daze flowers. 
      This cat won't pee in my flower beds!

      Now I have wind propellers, gnomes, fairies, mushrooms and toadstools, fantasy houses in my garden. Not only kids love it, the child inside Yours Truly, i.e. me, the gardener loves this too! 

      This is a 2-piece concrete planter box which comes in bronze or black. It is not very heavy, something I can  put into the car boot to bring home or move around in the garden. For the rounded bowl-shaped top, there are 2 choices - with hole or without hole. I use the holed one for holding the nice potted plants that I want to display in my garden. As for the one without hole, I fill it with water and when the sun shines upon it, there is a beautiful reflection of the sun or moon, sky and trees above. 

      The other accessories such as the mushroom and birds are purchased here. The little guy with the welcome sign and the deer are purchased at another nursery.

      Weng Thye Brothers Ceramics Trading
      Contact details:
      Lot 54, Jalan Subang, Off Jalan Sungai Buloh,
      47000 Kota Damansara, Selangor D.E., Malaysia.
      Opening hours: 8:00am to 7:00pm

      Telephone: +603-6157-0874
      Fax: +603-6157-0874
      Products Showcase:

      Lot 3, Kawasan Lanskap & Nurseri Rezah,
      Jabatan Hutan Damansara,
      47381 Selangor D.E.

      For location map to Selangor Green Lane, click here.

      Friday, November 18, 2011

      Buying Plants and Flowers from Nurseries in Selangor Green Lane - Jalan Sungai Buloh

      Click here for my popular post on SELANGOR GREEN LANE. 
      It has the full list of nurseries, location map and latest updates.
      You can also click on the "Selangor Green Lane" page tab above.

      Friday, October 28, 2011

      Garden Blogs Directory

      I am updating the links of garden bloggers in Malaysia and worldwide on my frontpage for easy reference.
      Please inform me if your site has been left out. 

      Friday, September 23, 2011

      Soon Lee Landscape - Lot 21 Selangor Green Lane

      Soon Lee Landscape

      This information is for my readers who have written to enquire.
      This is my favourite nursery in Sg Buloh.

      I have purchased the following plants from there:
      • Arundina graminifolia - Bamboo Orchid
      • Angelonia
      • Annuals
        • Aster, Cosmos, Coreopsis, Dianthus, Gerbera Daisy, Ipomoea tricolour, Marigold, 
        • Pentas, Portulaca grandiflora, P. oleracea, Vinca (kamunting cina), Torenia,
        • Roses,
      • Border plants e.g. Cuphea, spider plant,
      • Costus, Calatheas, Gingers, Heliconia,
      • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
        • yellow, red, pink, white,
        • single and double flowers
      • Hibiscus Turk's cap (sleepy hibiscus)
      • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Cooperii' - variegated hibiscus
      • Scented plants
        • Jasmine, Murraya paniculata, Water Jasmine (Wrightia religiosa)
        • Japanese Honeysuckle,  
      • Nong Nooch Vine
      • Polyianthes tuberosa - Pokok Sundal Malam
      • Tecoma capensis (Cape Honeysuckle)
      • TREES - Christmas tree, pine tree
      • Water plants
      • Yesterday-today-tomorrow
      • Ylang-ylang Dwarf (kenanga)
      • More (to be updated)

      Lot. 21, Jalan Subang,
      Kampung Baru, Sg Buloh
      47000 Selangor D.E.

      Contact: Mr Sunny CH Yap (6012-211 3353)
      Tel/Fax: 603-6140 2764

      Their Facebook link (contains their location map)

      How to find?
      Look for no. 21 and Soon Lee Landscape signboad.
      There's another old signboard "Warisan Hijau Tropics Landscape S/B" - this is the correct entrance.

      Directions: (Google Map here)

      From the NKVE, exit the Sungai Buloh Toll. Keep to your left and cross the bridge towards Sungai Buloh. DO NOT TAKE THE FLYOVER. The first nursery you see on your left is Ah Chui Nursery.  Keep left and continue straight until you reach the junction of Sg Buloh KTM Komuter Station. Turn left towards Shah Alam way into Jalan Sg Buloh  - the route on Google map is No. 15. (Note: Going straight will lead you to Sg Buloh town and Kuala Selangor - No. 54). Driving along Jalan Sg Buloh, you should pass by an army camp, some furniture shops and restaurants on your right. After a couple of km, you will see some visible signs of Selangor Green Lane on your left. The first nursery you'll see is probably Lot 16 - SMM Nursery or Semaian Ming Ming.

      Selangor Green Lane is roughly Lot 16 to 70 along Jalan Sg. Buloh.

      Tuesday, September 13, 2011

      Pomelo Fruit - Farms and Vendors

      A pomelo farm in Tambun, Ipoh

      Contact of Tambun Pomelo Farm
      Chin Pomelo Farm
      158258A, Jalan Ampang, Tambun, Ipoh, Perak Malaysia
      Tel: 6013-501 6491
      Contact Person : Mrs Chin - she speaks only Mandarin and Cantonese

      Contact of Pomelo Fruit Vendors
      No. 38 Kedai Limau Tambun, Buah-Buahan dan Minuman
      Lot 160188, Jalan Ampang Baru 6
      Ampang Baru New Village
      31400 Ipoh, Perak
      Tel: 6016-501 0145, 6016-599 2178
      They also sell other seasonal tropical fruits like guava, banana, water apples, carambola, etc.

      Gerai Limau Bali Heng Kee
      Lot 160186, Jalan Ampang Baru 6
      Ampang Baru New Village,
      31400 Ipoh, Perak
      (along the road to Tambun town and Chin Pomelo Farm)

      Monday, September 12, 2011

      Ah Chui Nursery

      Ah Chui Nursery

      Lot 23682, Jalan Batu 12, Sungei Buloh
      47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor, (Off Jalan Kuala Selangor)
      Mobile: 6012-282 8667 or 6019-269 1783 or 603-7963 124

      This is exit point of Ah Chui Nursery
      • Nursery, bonsai 
      • Garden Ornaments, Pots,
      • A good stock of Chinese New Year plants.
      During the Chinese New Year season, many people may wish to shop for auspicious plants. I have provided an interative map below and you can click on it to enlarge and/or navigate.

      View Ah Chui Nursery in a larger map

      From the NKVE, exit the Sungai Buloh Toll. Keep to your left and cross the bridge towards Sungai Buloh. DO NOT TAKE THE FLYOVER. The distance from the toll to the bridge is about 200m and from the bridge to the nursery is about another 200m on your left. Ah Chui Nursery is the first and only nursery you will see along this stretch.

      Friday, September 2, 2011

      Sanfong Bonsai & Art Garden

      I first came to know about Sanfong Bonsai Nursery, the Bonsai N Stone Academy and the Bonsai Clubs International (BCI) at Putrajaya Floria 2010 where they put up a good show with an impressive display of bonsai trees and a series of lectures about growing bonsai. Due to time constraints, I didn't get to attend their talks and bonsai training sessions during the floral festival but I was captivated by the very elegant, lovely and well trimmed bonsai trees, each properly labelled with owner name and plant ID.  However, I had the chance to marvel at the splendid masterpieces created and got a glimpse into this unique lifetime hobby. You can read about if from my blog post here.

      That unforgetable experience at Floria 2010 had prompted me to visit the Sanfong Bonsai and Art Garden nursery in Semenyih which meant more than an hour's drive all the way there with traffic jams and all. But the trip was well worth it. Actually we were not familiar with the town and hence missed the nursery during the first attempt. Luckily the owner was very helpful and gave us clear road instructions. It may be advisable to call them first before making the trip in case they are closed during certain holidays.

      They have a lot of choices in terms of plant varieties, types, size, structure and shapes. Many people think that bonsai is a Chinese-dominated hobby or a luxury of the rich and wealthy. Here, you can find potted miniature bonsai from as low as RM 18 to giant trees costing tens of thousands.

      Actually bonsai growing is a healthy pastime for people from all races and backgrounds.

      Bonsai beginners, experts and enthusiasts come here to source for plants. Gardeners, landscape consultants, interior decorators and home owners also come here to look for plants to enhance their Oriental/Zen/Japanese/Water/Rock gardens.

      It takes time and patience to nurture a bonsai. It is an added advantage to develop an interest in art and horticulture. First you need source for ready bonsai trees or stumps. Then you can develop or train the plants into bonsai with the necessary tools and equipment. You can also start a bonsai tree from seeds. Bonsai trees are trained to survive in a small pot, hence it does not need a big space to take up this hobby. You can keep a bonsai in home/office apartments and condominiums as long as there is enough sunlight. Generally it takes more than 10 years for a bonsai to be fully matured.

      They have bonsai pots, accessories, decorative ornaments and support equipment sourced from China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan. You can also buy bonsai potting mix and fertilizer. Other services include training, care and maintenance of bonsai.


       Lot 5285, Mukim Semenyih (In front of Road Transport Dept -JPJ) 
      43500 Semenyih,
      Selangor, Malaysia

      ContactBenny Sim (            019-220 4009      ), Fanny Lim (            012-276 7550      )
      Tel and Fax:             03-8724 5468     
      Website: Group here or Nursery here.
      Facebook: click here
      Roadmap click here
      Office hours: 10:30am - 6:30pm

      Products and Services
      • bonsai nursery
      • accessories and equipment for growing bonsai
      • ready made bonsai dish gardens
      • bonsai courses

      For Bonsai classes, you can call:
      Malaysia Bonsai & Suiseki Society
      No. 95, Jalan Rukun 5,
      Taman Gembira
      58200 Kuala Lumpur
      Mobile: 012-335 3588 (YK Foo), 6012-203 6633 (CW Tan) or 6019-337 2539 (IS Ng)
      Fax: 603-4041 5898